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Published in 2017 as #11 issue of Magazine X—magazine about contemporary drawing. The earlier version of the text and maps were presented under the title “(Corner)stones of Venice: Targeting the Island Advantage in the Topological Representation of the City” at Città senza nome conference in Bari in 2009 and published online at in 2010. The current publication includes corrections of the maps based on information gathered on-site, a set of maps of 1729 Venice, and a new categorization of blocks.

A4+ envelope contains:
– 16-page A4 booklet, digital print
– six A2 maps, offset
– one A1 map, offset

Publisher: Hardness & Blackness, o. z.
Editors of Magazine X: Slavomíra Ondrušová, Milan Vagač
Print run: 200 copies in English + 200 copies in Slovak
EV 5345/16
ISSN 1339–2522

Available at