IN THE SHADOW OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 2007 (extended in 2009)
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Why do some people get stage fright when they are photographed? Finding oneself in the angle of a camera is similar to finding oneself in a spot light on stage. In a shadow of the camera hides an audience. The “eye” of a camera will, in the future, be replaced by many pairs of eyes. A photographer is like a joker who in the future can be replaced by anyone. The camera viewfinder is a spy-hole by which people from the future will be able to look at us.

If the person who is being photographed is aware (even subconsciously) of the camera’s time-and-space-changing possibilities, he or she will begin to feel unsure, become careful, and check and reshape his or her appearance. As Barthes writes: “I instantaneously make another body for myself; I transform myself in advance into an image.” This image should represent a person in the way that he or she wants to be seen. The eyes, so called ‘the gateway to the soul’, become a mirror that reflects the gaze of the viewer. This gaze resembles the gaze of two mirrors. There is a kind of tautology here – the viewer trying to read something in the eyes of a subject in a photograph will only see how that person tried to look the way that he or she wants to be perceived by the viewer.

30 × 40 cm, ink on paper